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Michel was born in Izmir, Turkey, to his father: Salamon Mizrahi (in memoriam) and mother: Victoria Mizrahi.

He graduated in Civil Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul in 1996, and then started working in the Financial Sector in Istanbul. A few years later he was invited to work in a important bank in Tel-Aviv, which is also where he began his DJ career.


Due to his expertise in finances, Michel got an offer to work in London in a global leading financial company in 2009/10.

Michel Mizrahi

Michel started his international DJ career in 2011, playing regularly on Saturday mornings at Club Fire at a party called AM. He knew that was just the beginning and - as the great professional he was - sometimes played his set for an empty dance floor.


Michel’s name became well known on the London Club Scene and big parties such as Matinee, WE Party, The Week (Rio-São Paulo-Floripa), HEAT, Beyond (where he was resident) all had him play for them.


He took his music all over the world; to the USA, Canada, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil and back to Israel, where he first started playing it.


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